Sewell’s Marina Dock Floats

January 15, 2017

There is nothing that we enjoy more than producing a product for a local customer that is transported, installed, and used by locals. Not only does this help the regional economy, it benefits our environment as well by reducing the amount of emissions produced in order to transport the product. Supplying a locally made product to a local consumer also creates a sense of pride within the customer, the community, and our organization. Of course, demand for our products outside of our region also benefits the local economy and we are proud to make products that are made by British Columbians and being shipped and utilized around the world. We recently supplied our dock floats to a local business, Sewell’s Marina. Sewell’s Marina in Hor20150129_121428seshoe Bay, West Vancouver was established in 1931 by Dan Sewell Sr., and is a 4th generation family run operation! This beautiful marina is enjoyed year round by locals and tourists alike. Sewell’s recently upgraded their docks using Tidal Marine’s rotationally moulded EPS foam filled dock floats. In their search for floatation, Sewell’s was looking for a sturdy, foam filled dock float that would stand up to BC Ferry swells, debris, and the comings and goings of a busy marina. Additionally, Sewell’s was looking for an environmentally friendly solution that would not have to be transported from far distances in older to reduce their carbon footprint while supporting the local economy. Tidal Marine had the only floats that checked all off all of Sewell’s requirements. We are proud to work with Sewell’s Marina to supply them with a solution that will keep their business afloat for their 5th generation and beyond! sewells
 Sewell’s Marina in Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver.

Thank you Sewell’s Marina for choosing Tidal Marine dock floats!