Tidal Marine's compensation buoys are available in three different sizes: 1200 litre, 1850 litre, and 2500 litre compensation buoys. As an industry leader in compensation buoys, we have many models that have been in service for 20 years or more in oceans around the world.


10,000 litres of Modular Buoyancy

CB 4000-M

Four replaceable sections providing 4,000 litres of buoyancy

CB 2500

2,500 litres of Buoyancy Available in Two Options

CB 1850

1,850 litres of Buoyancy Available in Two Options

CB 1200

1,200 litres of Buoyancy Available in Two Options


Tidal Marine’s oyster buoys are designed specifically for the Oyster Culture industry. Our oysters buoys are available in two different sizes: 30 litre and 250 litre. As an industry leader in oyster buoys, we have many buoys currently in service for over 20 years in oceans around the world

OB 30

Ideal for Single Longline Shellfish Farming Applications


Why Tidal Marine Aquaculture Buoys?

Here in the Pacific Northwest the ocean is an integral part of our everyday life. Aquaculture is to us, what potato farming is to Idaho. The sustainable harvesting of ocean life and stewardship of our oceans is so ingrained in our culture that it has become the international gold standard for how to farm in harmony with the environment. In order to protect the integrity of our aquatic life, aquaculture buoys of all shapes and sizes are a necessity. Northwest Plastics Ltd, Tidal Marine’s parent company has been the go-to source for buoys to keep these ubiquitous elements of daily life safe and efficient for over 40 years. We have pushed the limits of what’s possible with plastic for decades while earning the trust of our clients around the world. How can we help you?.