MB 45

Ideal for Light Mooring Systems, 40 lbs of Flotation at the Waterline

MB 61

Ideal for Medium Mooring Systems, 133 lbs of Flotation at the Waterline

MB 76

Ideal for Heavy Mooring Systems, 261 lbs Flotation at the Waterline.

MB 133

Ideal for Robust Mooring Systems, 1,322 lbs of Flotation at the Waterline

Why Tidal Marine Mooring Buoys?

Here in the Pacific Northwest the ocean is an integral part of our everyday life. It is common to see inlets and eddies graced with millions of dollars worth of boats quietly waiting for their next adventure. Boats that are more than just an asset, they often become a member of our family. But there is something else our coast line is known for: boat battering storms and wind. Mooring buoys are a necessity to ensure the security of your boat. Tidal Marine has been the go-to source for mooring buoys to keep boats safe for over 40 years. Our parent company – Northwest Plastics Ltd. – has been a pioneer in the field of plastic buoys, pushing the limits of what’s possible for decades. How can we help you?