IB 23

Small Channel Marker Informational & Navigational Aid


IB 30

Small White Spar Buoy


IB 89

Compact Information Buoy


HB 40

Small Diameter Yellow Hazard Buoy


HB 94

Large Diameter Hazard Buoy


About Our Multipurpose Buoys

Here in the Pacific Northwest the ocean is an integral part of our everyday life. Our waterways are our highways; from ferries to skiffs, pleasure craft to naval craft; vessels of all sizes criss-cross our waterways without painted lanes and highways. Whether you want to notify mariners of danger, or safe passage, or simply secure a mooring buoy in your private cove, Tidal Marine has a multipurpose buoy for you. Our parent company – Northwest Plastics Ltd. – has been a pioneer in the field of plastic buoys, pushing the limits of what’s possible for decades. All while earning the trust of our many clients around the world. How can we help you?