Technical Information

Part Name CB 2500 Hawser
Height 79” / 2006 mm
Diameter 52 ½“ / 1334 mm
Air Weight 457 lbs / 207 kg
Total Displacement 5512 lbs / 2500 L
Wall Thickness ⅜“ / 9.5 mm

Available Options

Optional Items Reflective Banding
Colours Coloured to Suit Using Only Fade Resistant Pigments

Product Description

Designed for industrial use in aquaculture, this 2,500L buoy is built for the harshest offshore operation applications providing the lifting capacity to handle the heavy loads required in marine construction. This family of buoys comes in two types (Standard and Hawser) and is available in three different sizes. It is built to adapt to your application depending on your working loads. A ⅜” thick Polyethylene shell that will never peel or corrode and inhibits marine growth encapsulates fully fused EPS foam providing a virtually unsinkable platform that will not degrade to pollute waterways or shorelines.


Full length 6” diameter galvanized steel tube replacing the standard rod:
UV stabilized seamless one-piece construction with uniform wall thickness:
Large diameter end plates secured to the shell:
Refined EPS foaming process with over 20 years of experience:
Indented area for retro-reflective tape:


- Allows for versatility in mooring and easier visual inspection of the tackle
- Robust life expectancy to 15+ years
- Superior load dispersement
- Reduced risk of sinking and environmental contamination
- Prevents sliding and loss of reflective material

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