Technical Information

Part Name CB 7300
Height 107" / 2,707 mm
Diameter 120" / 3,044 mm
Wall Thickness ⅜“/ 9.5mm
Air Weight 1,102 lbs / 500 kg
Displacement 2,061 Gal / 7,800 L
Net Buoyancy 16,094 lbs / 7,300 kg

Available Options

Optional Items Reflective Banding
Colours Coloured to Suit Using Only Fade Resistant Pigments

Product Description

This 7,800 L (7,300 kg net buoyancy) buoy was originally designed for an aquaculture farm in the unforgiving waters of Alaska. This new design is comprised of 3 of Tidal’s CB2500 hulls integrated with a central frame. Running through the center of each CB2500 hull are 2.5″ Schedule 40 galvanized pipes, which are directly connected to the central frame. The frame features a 6″ SCH40 center pipe and engineered flanges & gussets. The result is minimal stress on the buoy hulls themselves. Each hull features EPS foam fused cores to ensure sustained buoyancy in the event of a breached hull. In addition, the hulls can be replaced as needed. This product was designed with shipping efficiency in mind. 5 fully assembled units can be loaded on a 53′ flat deck truck.


High Strength galvanized frame:
Hulls bolted to a central frame:
Modular, multi-hull system:
Highest quality UV stabilized seamless one-piece construction:
Large diameter load plates secured to the hulls:
Refined EPS foaming process with over 20 years of experience:
Indented area for retro-reflective tape:
Mooring & lifting eye designed to accommodate up to 90T shackle pins:
Optimized shipping dimensions:


- Corrosion resistant / superior strength
- The steel frame handles the majority of the load forces - not the hulls
- Replace hull & frame sections as needed instead of the entire system
- Robust life expectancy to 15+ years with uniform wall thickness
- Superior load disbursement
- Reduced risk of sinking and environmental contamination
- Prevents sliding and loss of reflective material
- Enables a wide variety of strong mooring connections
- 5 fully assembled units can be loaded on a 53 foot flat deck truck

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