Technical Information

Part Name MB 45
Height 25“ / 627 mm
Diameter 18“ / 468 mm
Air Weight 11 lbs / 5 kg
Total Displacement 112 lbs / 51 L
Wall Thickness ⅕” / 5 mm
Material Used Polyethylene, EPS Foam, Galvanized Steel

Available Options

Optional Items Custom Graphics, Custom Colours, Reflective Banding.
Standard Items EPS foam filled
Colour Options Transport Canada Compliance, U.S. Coast Guard Compliance, Custom Colours

Product Description

For decades, NPL has manufactured some of the largest hardshell navigational buoys which have been utilized by coast guards throughout the world. Drawing upon that experience and knowledge we have created a line of polyethylene buoys that offer high visibility, durable materials, and superior connections for securement. Our mooring buoys are designed to meet federal requirements and reduce deployment costs. MB 45 comes with a galvanized rod.


Seamless one-piece construction:
UV stabilized:
Galvanized components:
High visibility colours:
Impact resistant even at low temperatures:
Free of voids preventing significant water ingress:
Properly labelled:


- Watertight, tough and impact resistant
- Long life
- Corrosion resistant in key connection points
- Superior locating and identification
- Suitable for most climates (saltwater or freshwater bodies)
- Superior structural integrity and buoyancy
- Easy to handle
- Meets regulatory requirements (please consult us for more details)

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