Technical Information

Part Name TDL 30
Diameter 14.5” / 0.36 m
Wall Thickness 0.25” / 6 mm
Height 85” / 2.16 m
Air Weight 79 lbs / 36 kg
Displacement 0.9 lbs per inch / 1.1 kg per cm
Mooring Mass Min 44 lbs / 20kg
Mooring Mass Max 121.25 lbs / 55 kg

Available Options

Optional Items Radar Reflector, Conical Cap, Lantern
Colour Options IALA standard colours, custom colours

Product Description

The TDL 30 is an information buoy ideal for marking speed, rocks and swimming areas. The TDL 30 is white with the option to add a variety of signages and graphics as well as custom paintings. Prior to filling the TDL 30 spar buoy with EPS foam beads, 22.7 kg (50 lbs) of concrete is poured into the base interior, for ballast. This buoy utilizes the same materials and manufacturing technologies as offshore navigation buoys and has a white shell for high visibility. TDL 30 is available in can or conical shapes and has an option for an internal radar reflector.


Seamless one-piece construction:
UV stabilized polyethylene shell:
Integrated stainless steel mooring eye:
High visibility colours:
EPS filled with minimal voids:
Concrete ballast:


- Uniform strength and durability
- Resists material degradation due to UV
- Improved securement
- Never requires painting
- Maintains buoyancy in unlikely event of damage
- Ensures proper alignment of the buoy

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