Technical Information

Part Name TDL 2.6 PE
Overall Height 6.0 m / 19.7 ft
Hull Diameter 2.6 m / 8.5 ft
Focal Plane Height 4.4 m / 14.4 ft
Maximum Mooring Weight 1,858 kg / 4,096.1 lbs
Submergence Capacity 53.5 kg/cm
Modular Frame Stainless Steel or Galvanized
Mooring and Lifting Attachment Points Stainless Steel or Galvanized
Counterweights Adjustable Cast Iron
Air Weight 2,4000 kg / 5,291 lbs

Available Options

Optional Items Radar Reflector, IALA Recommended Top Mark, Self Contained Lantern, Solar Panels
Colour Options Standard IALA Colour Configurations, Custom Control Symbols and Decals

Product Description

The TDL 2.6 Polyethylene buoy is a modern low maintenance visual aid with a highly conspicuous superstructure providing a 4.5 meter focal plane. The combination of mooring bridle and adjustable counter weight provides superior performance in current up to 6 knots across a range of water depths. The conical shaped hull provides enhanced performance in wave swell at exposed deployment locations. The TDL 2.6 PE complies with all applicable IALA recommendations and guidelines.


Manufactured using UV protected virgin polyethylene and stainless or galvanized steel:
Adjustable ballast and bridle mooring configurations:
Engineered for high performance in demanding conditions:
High visibility, large surface area superstructure:


Extremely low maintenance & durable
Ensures maximum stability across a wide range of current and depth conditions
Superior performance in currents of 6 knots and sustained winds of 50 knots
Can accommodate up to 500 W of solar panels with a watertight enclosure

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