Larger Chain, Larger Shackle, Larger Mooring Eye

May 23, 2019

As a vertically integrated manufacturer, Tidal Marine has a unique capability to adapt and respond to changes in our customer’s requirements. A recent example of this is the development of our ‘B’ version mooring eyes on our CB series. Our customer has told us that our CB series are the only anchor buoys on the market that they will use however, they needed a larger mooring eye to accommodate heavier mooring hardware. This updated mooring eye design enables our customers to install a larger shackle to the mooring eye of our CB Standard style buoys. Customers are using bigger shackles as a result of using heavier chain to ensure that their operation is securely in position ensuring the safety of their operation and the surrounding area.

We take pride in the ability to respond to our customer’s changing needs. If you have a requirement that our line of marine flotation does not currently meet, let us know!