Tidal Marine Speed Marker Buoys for the Port of Vancouver

March 6, 2018

Deep Cove, BC, March 6, 2018 – Tidal Marine is pleased to announce the installation of two TDL 1.5 Coastal buoys for the Port of Vancouver. The two speed marker buoys at the North and South ends of Deep Cove, British Columbia, inform boaters to reduce their speed in an area that is heavily used by boaters and paddlers. The old speed marker buoys had half of the visible height of the TDL 1.5 Coastal and had a much smaller diameter. This resulted in boaters that were not able to notice speed limit, endangering the safety of other boaters and paddlers in the area and disturbing the marina with boat wakes. In addition, the old buoys were constantly damaged by boaters who failed to notice them, resulting in dangerous collisions and costly replacement bills for the Port of Vancouver.

Previously, damaged buoys had to be replaced with entirely new products. Because of their one piece design, which included concrete and internal hardware that was fused together and housed inside the buoy, it was very difficult to break down and recycle the old buoys at the end of their useful life. The Port of Vancouver is very excited to now have the option to replace modular sections of the new TDL 1.5 Coastal buoys if they are damaged. This will reduce their operating expenses significantly. At the end of their useful life (20+ years), all sections can be easily reused or recycled.

Equipped with 3M marine grade reflective control decals, internal radar reflectors and solar powered top lights, these markers are definitely going to be noticed!

Buoy Locations:

  1. North Coastal Buoy: 49° 19.580′, 122° 56.259′
  2. South Coastal Buoy: 49° 19.850′, 122° 56.179′
Port of Vancouver and Coastal Buoy

More about the Coastal Buoy:

6 Replaceable Modular Sections Per Buoy:
  • Two ballast sections with adjustable weight
  • One internal frame
  • Two hull sections
  • One superstructure tower
If one of these sections needs replacement, the user can install the new components on site using a barge and crane. With a non-modular one piece design, the cost is much higher to remove and redeploy a brand new unit.  The Coastal Buoys in Deep Cove are over twice the visible height of the old buoys and are equipped with radar reflectors and solar top lights (some photos taken prior to light installation).
Coastal Buoy with Quarry Rock in Background

Designed for a Variety of Conditions & Uses

  • Ideal for ports and harbours
  • Specifications exceed the stringent technical requirements of the Canadian Coast Guard and Transport Canada
  • Buoy shell material is rated at UV20
  • Hull sections are filled with Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) ensuring that the TDL 1.5 Coastal will stay afloat if the hull is compromised
  • Modular, adjustable ballast for a variety of installation depths & conditions
  • Available in multiple colours for use as channel marker, information and hazard buoys
  • Custom marine grade decals available
  • Available radar reflector, solar light, and conical top
  • Optional tracking and security features
Coastal Buoy Closeup

Designed for Efficient Transportation and Deployment

  • Modular sections can ship as individual pieces to maximize shipping dimensions
  • Great stability when stored vertically
  • Sections are designed for easy assembly & disassembly on site using off the shelf tools
  • Two lifting eyes for enable rigging to be attached on either side or both if desired
  • Retractable ballast leg for ease of shipping

For more information on the TDL 1.5 Coastal, please email info@tidalmarine.ca or call 1-888-689-9324