Transport Canada Compliant Private Mooring Buoy

April 12, 2019

Tidal Marine’s MB61 Hawser – Fully Transport Canada Compliant!

Transport Canada (TC) has been stepping up enforcement of private mooring buoys across Canada. Buoys that are inspected and deemed non complaint by TC may receive a warning and subsequent removal if a compliant buoy is not installed by the requested date the buoys could be removed.

From what we have seen, our buoy is the only one that has all the Transport Canada requirements included in the base price. Other companies’ buoys charge extra to apply owner information, PRIV, and either do not come with a wear collar, or charge extra. In addition to adhering to the required dimensions, our Hawser style MB’s include:

  • 1″ Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Wear Collar to
    • Prevents wear to the buoy shell from the top shackle
    • UHMW is known as the strongest thermoplastic on the market. Its strength and low friction properties are ideal for this application
  • Marine Grade, Hi-Tac Adhesive, UV Protected Vinyl
    • Custom made to meet the requirement of the top 1/3 orange, with PRIV printed twice on opposite sides
  • Blank Name, Address, and Phone Number Label
  • Protective Clear Overlay
    • Protects owner info written on label from being rubbed/washed off
  • Instruction sheet for the various components

Our Standard style buoys include these components except for the UHMW wear collar.

Need your buoy installed? We do that too!

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