Tying To Your Transport Canada Compliant Mooring Buoy

July 5, 2017

In this post, we are going to cover the “proper” way to tie off to a mooring buoy. We designed our Transport Canada compliant mooring buoy using our experience in designing and manufacturing aids to navigation & aquaculture buoys. The end result was a durable and aesthetically pleasing product that is fully compliant with Transport Canada regulations. We researched various styles of mooring buoys and mooring-buoy-imagenoticed that in many cases, mooring buoy users are tying off to the top handling ring on buoys that have a rod through them. Tying to the top ring puts stress on the buoy’s internals and will result in more wear and tear over time. In order to keep your mooring buoy in top shape, we recommend tying a pennant line directly to the anchor chain that is attached to the swivel eye on the underside of the mooring buoy. mooring_illustration Our Transport Canada compliant mooring buoys can be found here. One of the best aspects of boating in our opinion, is the wide variety of types of boats, people, and ways of getting things done out on the water. Regardless of how you choose to enjoy your time on the water, the most important thing is keeping yourself, your passengers, the people around you, and your vessel safe. Tidal Marine wishes you a safe & enjoyable boating season!