Technical Information

Part Name TDL 1500
Overall Height 221.8 cm / 87.3"
Hull Diameter 149 cm / 58.7"
Air Weight 287 kg / 632.7 lbs
Min Mooring Load 140 kg / 308.6 lbs
Max Mooring Load 500 kg / 1102.3 lbs
Operational Current Speed 0 - 2.0 knots
Survival Current Speed 10.0 knots
Modular Frame Galvanized (Stainless Available)
Fasteners, Bushings, and Inserts Hot-Dip Galvanized Fasteners, Replaceable UHMW Bushings, Stainless Steel Inserts
Mooring and Lifting Attachment Points Replaceable UHMW Bushings
Internal Ballast Concrete

Available Options

Optional Items Radar Reflector, Conical Cap, Lantern
Colour Options Standard IALA Colour Configurations, Custom Control Symbols and Decals

Product Description

Our customers spoke, and we listened. Previous iterations of this style of buoy were constructed out of one piece the internal hardware, radar reflector, & concrete ballast all stuck together in the same unit. Any significant damage to the buoy meant it had to be completely replaced. End of life recycling posed a challenge as the internal parts were difficult to separate. The new TDL 1500 pillar buoy comprised of modular hull, tower, and frame sections – enabling components to be replaced on site as opposed to needing a complete removal and re deployment of a new unit. The TDL 1500 has high mooring capacity, high visibility, and exceptional stability. The bilge keel legs are hydrodynamically designed to keep the buoy stable and properly oriented in high currents. The legs also provide an exceptionally stable base for the buoy to stand upright in transport, maintenance, and storage. The hot-dipped galvanized frame provides a 21,772 kg / 48,000 lbs lifting break load with minimal stress to the buoy shell. An optional internal radar reflector is available to further improve buoy detection. The TDL 1500 is available in can or conical shapes. Tidal Marine & Northwest Plastic Ltd.’s 40+ years of buoy design and manufacturing design have enabled us to take a leap forward in buoy innovation and design with the TDL 1500 – we hope you are as excited about it as we are!


Seamless one-piece construction:
UV20 stabilized polyethylene shell:
Modular internal frame:
Modular hull & tower sections:
Hydrodynamic bilge keels:
Extremely stable leg sections:
EPS filled with minimal voids:
High visibility colours integrated into buoy shell:
Adjustable concrete ballast to ensure proper alignment:


- Uniform strength and durability
- Resists colour fade
- High lifting break strength, replaceable/reusable frame
- Low cost replacement of buoy sections, efficient to reuse & recycle
- Exceptional stability in strong currents
- High stability for transport, storage, & maintenance
- Maintains buoyancy in unlikely event of damage
- Never requires painting
- Ensures buoy is at proper waterline in various mooring conditions

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