Technical Information

Part Name TDL 89 LE/BE
Hull Diameter 35” / 0.88m
Wall Thickness 0.18” / 4.5 mm
Total Height 47.5” / 1.2m
Air Weight (BE Version) 40 lbs / 18 kg
Air Weight (LE Version) 22 kg / 48 lbs
Mooring Mass Min 26. 5lbs / 2 kg
Mooring Mass Max 135 lbs / 61 kg

Available Options

Optional Items Radar Reflector, Lifting Eye, Decaling
Colour Options IALA standard colours, custom colours

Product Description

The TDL 89 LE/BE informational buoy is available with a molded-in stainless steel bushing eye (BE) or with a load bearing stainless steel rod connecting a lifting eye to the mooring eye (LE). TDL 89 is a cost effective and stable buoy to direct boating traffic and mark hazards. TDL 89 has a recessed decal band for a variety of available markings, and an embedded nut pattern in the top section to accommodate an optional solar light. This buoy utilizes the same materials and manufacturing technologies as offshore navigation buoys and can be configured with any navigational colours. The broad base of the TDL 89 LE/BE makes it very stable and extremely buoyant for high visibility. It is available in can or conical shapes and has an option for an internal radar reflector.


Seamless one-piece construction:
UV stabilized polyethylene shell:
Integrated stainless steel mooring eye:
High visibility IALA recommended colours:
EPS filled with minimal voids:
Wide base design:


- Uniform strength and durability
- Resists material degradation due to UV
- Improved securement
- Never requires painting
- Maintains buoyancy in unlikely event of damage
- Ensures proper alignment of the buoy

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